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Funded through general tax revenues, not Social Security, the SSI program provides monthly cash benefits to recipients to meet basic needs. In June 2020 the SSI program provided a maximum monthly cash benefit of $683.70, with a maximum additional $151 contribution from the state. That brings the total possible monthly maximum benefit, as of June, to $834.70.

SSI is meant to reduce extreme poverty among the elderly and people with disabilities, but its rules are complicated, and it limits eligibility for benefits on the basis not only of income, but of the assets of a family, such as savings and other resources.

These limits have not been adjusted for inflation since 1989 — 31 years ago.

The ASSET Act would help, raising the limits and indexing the new limits to inflation.

The ASSET Act is languishing in D.C.
  • Tell your legislators you support the ASSET Act, and ask them to support it too.

  • Ask your Rep. to put pressure on the House Ways & Means to pass it out of committee.
  • Ask your Senator to put pressure on the Senate Finance Committee.

  • Ask them all to add an amendment forgiving outstanding penalties.
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