Nonpartisan Policy

The League of Women Voters of Franklin County does not support or oppose any political party  or candidate at any level of government. The League also encourages informed and active participation in government.

The LWVFC board believes that some basic limitations on board members’ political activity while they are serving in this capacity are necessary to protect the nonpartisanship of the League. These limits are set forth below.

Elected Office

a) Board members shall not run for or hold any partisan (i.e. party-affiliated) elective office at any level of government.

b) Board members, except for the president(s) and voter service chair(s), may run for or hold local nonpartisan (i.e. non-party-affiliated) elective offices after consultation with and approval by the LWVFC board.

Political Party Office

Board members shall not run for or serve in any official position in a political party at any level of government. Political Campaigns of Candidates

Board members shall not chair a political campaign or administer fundraising for a political campaign, chair a campaign event, be a spokesperson, attend an event where fund raising is its primary purpose, endorse or work in any other significant way in the campaign of a candidate at any level of government.

Campaign Contributions

Board members shall not make campaign contributions to campaigns or candidates for any partisan local, state or federal office or to political parties or other entities contributing to such campaigns. Board members may make contributions to local nonpartisan campaigns or candidates.

Social and Other Media

Board members shall not indicate their political affiliations or candidate preferences at any level of government in the media, including on social networking sites or other public venues.

Additional Clarification

Board members shall consult the board regarding questions of interpretation and specific situations not covered by the above policy.

Annual Review

The board will review and vote on this policy annually.

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